Smog Check

If your vehicle needs a smog check and you are looking for the best price and top of the line service, then you have come to the right place. Advanced Auto Care is STAR Certified and has proper licensing to smog all vehicles. We offer fast and efficient care to make sure you are on the road in no time. Pass or get a free retest! Applicable to all vehicles.

$10 coupon and 5 - 10 minutes smog for vehicles year 2000 or newer.

CAP Program

Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) was designed to improve California’s air quality. It is currently being administered by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). The program offers assistance for vehicles unable to pass smog check and upon approval will cover up to $500 worth of repairs. This offer is subject to income restrictions. Low-income customers can also retire their vehicle through this program for $1500 ($1000 for all others)

Auto Repair

Vehicle diagnostics is what we do best, we have top-notch technicians who diagnose your vehicle properly without taking short cuts. While other auto body shops might cut corners or mis-diagnose issues with your car, Advanced Auto Care is known for our honesty and reliability. Our number one goal is to save you money. We never simply replace parts through process of elimination, our diagnostics guarantee the correct fix the very first time. While our main goal is to save you money, we promise to fix any trouble you’ve been experiencing.

Maintenance / Service

Why take your vehicle to the dealership when we offer both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts. Advanced Auto Care can provide pricing for both options and offer our opinion on each so customers can determine if they would like to get the original parts or opt out. It is always important to keep up with preventative maintenance. We never upsell any customer and only recommend what is actually needed rather than what the manufacturer maintenance schedule suggests. Our recommendations are formatted to match the customer’s goals and abilities with prioritizing safety. Whether it is brakes, tune up or an oil change … We can list what we think is most important and what can wait for another day.


Find competitive pricing for tires in town. Our house brand Landgolden is made in Thailand and comes with a 50,000-mile warranty (conditions apply). We also offer all other name brands at prices that you won’t believe. We almost always offer the best price in the Ventura area. Avoid the “buy 3, get 1 free” gimmicks, at Advanced Auto Care, we offer you one simple low price with no tricks or games.


The Hunter precision alignment system is known for providing unparalleled access so mechanics can work their magic. Its laser accuracy allows us to locate problems and conduct accurate alignments, making service faster and more affordable. Ask about a free front end inspection with your alignment.

Brake & Lamp Certification

We recommend getting your brakes checked early on to avoid further damage. Average wear and tear is normal, but be advised that this may affect your vehicles performance. Advanced Auto Care is certified to perform brake and lamp inspection. Our auto body shop services have been certified by the State of California so stop by today for a brake test.

$20 off brake and lamp inspection